Primitive Photoshop Guide: Colour Edit

When it comes to understanding where to even start with Adobe Photoshop, many stumble upon the sentiment of feeling utterly lost, particularly because, famously, Photoshop has so many editing options for you. It has been argued that even professional editors don’t know the entirety of this app’s abilities. That must truly mean something then. But … More Primitive Photoshop Guide: Colour Edit

Loving Vincent

The upcoming film, Loving Vincent will be the first fully painted animated film. It will tell Vincent van Gogh’s story, his hard life and his mysterious death. It will feature 65,000 oil paintings painted by 115 painters who had to take special lessons to learn to paint like Van Gogh. Vincent van Gogh was Zundert, … More Loving Vincent

How To Inspire Yourself To Play An Instrument

Playing an instrument has many benefits. It: Advances your memory Enhances you coordination Improves your comprehension skills Increases your educational abilities Sharpens your concentrations So, basically, it increases your intelligence and performance in school/work. As well as this, it can also relieve stress and make you happier. You want to play an instrument, but you … More How To Inspire Yourself To Play An Instrument