The Kookoo Talk was founded by Bianca Lazar and Nicky Ilkhomova and co-founders Marjona Ilkhomova and Roxana Lazar. Our aim is to entertain and communicate with people who have undergone similar experiences.

We met in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, where it so happened that we were neighbours. After several months of timid hellos and good mornings, we warmed up to each other, starting conversations at school (Almaty International School). Our parents shortly became close friends, and we became friends as well. Unfortunately, seeing as our parents were expats, we were not able to embrace that friendship for long as the Ilkhomova sisters moved to Turkey, not long before the Lazar sisters moved to England. Nevertheless, we kept in touch, reuniting in Turkey and thanks to the internet, our friendship never weakened.

TKT Crew

Bianca Lazar (Founder)

I currently live in England, having previously lived in Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Romania. I am grateful to have expat parents as traveling so much brings unexplainable experiences. I love writing and filmmaking, as well as skiing, swimming, running, and volleyball. These passions brought me down a path where I made a video for BBC and several for Almaty International School, and wrote articles for Almaty Voice and Air Astana (the largest Central Asian airline). I hope to pursue a writing career as a hobby, alongside my main job.

Nicky Ilkhomova (Founder)

My name is Nigina but I usually go for Nicky, as it is easier to pronounce. I was born in beautiful Uzbekistan, and although I haven’t lived there much (barely four years), I love the country. I moved a lot in my life and have some of the closest friends and greatest experiences from this, and I have also improved my language skills greatly, also from this. I can speak four languages fluently: Uzbek, Russian, English, and Turkish. As for my interests and passions, I love art. Sketching is something I do when I am bored, you can say it relieves my stress and makes me think better and calmer. I also love writing; I love creative writing the most as it allows me to bend my story any way I want. My love for music is also important to me as I took guitar lessons for four years and can confidently play a selection of songs that I love.

Marjona Ilkhomova (Co-Founder)

I was born in the majestic lands of Uzbekistan. Even though I only lived there for three years and hardly remember it from that time, I still visit frequently. I spent most of my life in Kazakhstan, in Almaty International School, meeting people who I am still friends with to this day. I enjoy reading because it takes my mind off of things and gives me creative ideas which I later on spill onto paper, writing. I also love swimming and listening to music. I currently live in Turkey with my family.

Roxana Lazar (Co-Founder)

I am an international child from Romania. I participate in athletic running and competitive swimming, but my interests also include reading, skating, skiing, and snowboarding. As you can see, I am a big fan of sports, and right now my favourite activity is longboarding.