Fergie’s Comeback: Dutchess Part II

Here she is—the American pop singer that was the heart of the forever-loved Black Eyed Peas—successfully placing herself back into the spotlight. With the recent release of her new album Double Dutchess have come several music videos that show a completely different side to this woman.21271173_10156037772223676_94095195168742401_n

Since the breakup of the R&B group and focus on her solo career, Fergie struggled to maintain her high position within the music industry. Her album Dutchess, which came out in 2006, was the last one until recently. The second studio album produced by Fergie was released just this year, over a decade since her previous one, on September 22. This was also the first album to be released under her own imprint, called Dutchess Music. That’s a pretty powerful independent message sent across from that, if you ask me.

The album’s release, however, wasn’t a complete surprise. Fergie had attempted to promote it earlier with “L.A. Love (La La)” (in 2014) and “M.I.L.F. $” (2016), yet it can be argued they weren’t exactly as successful as she had perhaps anticipated and hoped. Hence, with the release of the rest of the album, fans have noticed an abrupt change to her style—and not only with the music itself, but with Fergie’s visual representation of them (aka the music videos).


As for the name of the album, that would perhaps be a starting point to exploring her change. There is no question as to how her album’s title Double Dutchess links to her first record. Fergie has described as “The Dutchess Part Two”, though there is a little bit more context to it than that: it also refers to “the duality of my personality, the dark and the light, the hard and the soft, the girl with the mask on with all the frills and stuff, and then taking away that mask and seeing what’s underneath all that,” Fergie explained.

The two minute trailer to the Double Dutchess album refers to moments from Fergie’s past, both when she used to be part of The Black Eyed Peas and before she became a mother. It also shows that Fergie was aware of her audience’s confusion and state of21125639_10156026432623676_4030793674950763494_o.jpg waiting at her years of inactivity. And then the video takes on a bit of a twist. What fans have described as “illuminati” is purely a new creative perspective on visuals. (Though, I have to admit, while the vocals behind it are stunning, the images played seem as if they have been taken from a horror movie.)

Nonetheless, her creative perspective outlook has definitely brought her commercial success, and hopefully more than before and at least as much as she was anticipating. Not only are the songs with abundant meaning in the background, but so are the music videos, which were all released one after another. One of my personal favourites is “Tension” features Joanne the Scammer. You can (and should) listen to and watch it here. I personally quite enjoyed it.

The most recent news regarding Fergie since the release of her album includes the split after 8 years of marriage with Josh Duhamel. Seems like her life is going through quite a lot of changes at the moment after all. Let’s all keep ourselves updated.

Note: All of the images used in this article were taken from Fergie’s official Facebook page.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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