Where To Be For New Years

2018 is less than 4 months away, so it’s time to start planning where you will be spending the amazing New Years countdown. If you are in the right place, this New Years will definitely be worth remembering and you are guaranteed to have an incredible start to a brand new year.


Thousands of people will watch the dazzling 10 minute firework display from the London Eye as they enter the New Year.

Image result for new years in London

New York City

There’s no denying that New York City has an atmosphere that few other cities can compete against. The famous, annual gathering of a million people in Times Square is the main attraction

Image result for new years in New York City

Rio De Janeiro

Known for their carnival festivities, Rio hosts the world’s largest and wildest New Year’s Eve party, in which over 2 million people crowd on the Beach. This Brazilian celebration combines religion, with tradition, and superstitious beliefs to create an irresistible atmosphere.

Image result for new years in rio de janeiro


Being the first major city to enter the New Year, Sydney successfully puts on the largest fireworks display in the world.

Image result for new years in sydney

Hong Kong

One of the world’s most dramatic display of fireworks that grows more impressive every year, concluding with a pyrotechnic dragon that dances across the sky as a dazzling finale.

Image result for new years in hong kong


It should come to now surprise that one of Europe’s most iconic tourist destinations is one of the best places to spend New Years. On this occasion, the Eiffel Tower and the sky is lit up, turning the area into a massive street party.

Image result for new years in paris


Certainly going all out to make the most out of its end of the year festivities, Edinburgh hosts one of the largest street parties in the world.47677_hogmanay

Las Vegas

When the clock strikes midnight, all the casinos launch a choreographed fireworks display that lights up the whole city. There is no shortage of places to party as long as you’re in Las Vegas.

Image result for new years in las vegas


There’s nothing better than entering the New Year in summer clothing, on the beautiful beach of a family friendly island, with a stunning firework display bursting above.

Image result for new years in honolulu

Article by Roxana Lazar

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