Simple Ways to be More Productive

Morning Routinemaxresdefault (1).jpg

Have a good morning routine consisting exercise, a good breakfast and a fresh shower. Studies have shown that a lot of productive people have similar morning routines! Just make sure to always follow this routine.

To-Do ListsTo_Do_List.png

Get a diary, planner or board to be able to write down any tasks, deadlines and chores you need to take care of. Getting a planner is recommended because it is mobile and neat!


Not procrastinating and actually giving full attention to a task can help you understand it better and do it faster. To increase your focus, you can try exercises such as coloring or drawing with a reference, these can help increase you focus and attention to detail skills.

Know When to RestREST-600x400.jpg

Don’t overwork yourself, being productive doesn’t mean always having to do something. Taking short breaks between tasks or studies can help your brain not overwork itself. There are great apps that have timers and give breaks according to the amount of time studied.



This tip correlates with a few of the other tips listed above, but it is important enough to have it’s  own title, time. Managing time may as well be the most important one of all of these simple ways, because if you don’t know how to manage your time, you can never be productive. This is why getting a planner, to sort and manage your time plan, is a good way to be productive.

Here are a few ways you can be more productive! Remember to always reward yourself and celebrate with big achievements for motivation and encouragement to do better. Even with small accomplishments, you could have small rewards (such as ordering pizza or going out), but remember to also do this in a well managed and smart way!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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