Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea tree oil is a great home remedy for lots of things, here are a couple of benefits of tea tree oil you can use!

Treating Acnegiphy (12).gif

Research has proven that a five percent solution of tea tree oil can work as well for treating acne as the top drugstore acne treating products. Mix a few drops of this with 40 drops of witch hazel and apply to skin once a day!

Reduce Cold Soresgiphy (13).gif

Applying tea tree oil directly onto the cold sore three times a day will do the job. Be cautious so it doesn’t get into your mouth!


This product is highly effective for boils. It works great against staph infections, dab a little bit a couple of times a day.

Soften Dry CuticlesImage result for nail cuticle

Tea tree oil is great for softening dry and cracked cuticles, you can find recipes to make mixtures you can use everyday.


A few drops of tea tree onto a cotton swab is great for sores. (Apply directly and spread around, avoid contact with eyes and mouth.)

Foot Odorsource.gif

Smelly feet are a total turn-off and thankfully tea tree oil works great on this as well! Once again, you can search up different recipes to make mixtures using a few products to make a home remedy for fresh and clean feet.

Treat Chicken Poxgiphy (11).gif

Is there anything this product is can’t treat? Nope! Tea tree can even cure chicken pox, all you have to do is mix a few drops of tea tree oil and one tablespoon of olive oil and apply to sores with a cotton swab!

Here are a few benefits of tea tree oil! Just keep in mind that applying this onto skin may dry it out, that is why it is best to mix it with other oils/products!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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