Alton Towers: Review

Alton towers is one of the biggest and most popular theme parks in the United Kingdom. The theme park was built in 1980, keeping the history of the place present so that visitors can also learn about it. Image result for alton towers Personally, I loved Alton Towers. It was great weather, there was a lot of free space, the rides were insanely fun, and there was a happy vibe everywhere you went. My favourite thing about this theme park would probably be the music. No matter where you were in the massive park, you would always hear cheerful music.


The park includes a diverse selection of major roller coasters and a variety of child-friendly attractions.

The top 5 rides are:

Rita: Though this is a considerably short ride, it pleases most riders.Image result for rita alton towers

Oblivion: The number one adrenaline filled ride that certainly isn’t for a weak stomach.Image result for oblivion alton towers review

Nemesis: This ride is very different yet undeniably builds up anticipation.Image result for nemesis alton towers review

Galactica: This is also a very different ride which is definitely worth the wait. The entire time you are in a pose parallel to the ground! How unique and creative is that?Image result for galactica alton towers review

Smiler: By far, this was my favourite ride. With the perfect length, right atmosphere, and insane speed and drops, this ride never gets boring. It is particularly thrilling if you are on the very first row of the ride; you get to have the maximum experience.Image result for smiler alton towers review

Article by Roxana Lazar

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