Who The Hell is Madison Beer?

You may have seen her name pop up a few times on Instagram, which is why I’m expecting you’re reading this article right now. The first thing you may have noticed is that she is absolutely stunning, and aside from that you may have noticed (that is, if you’ve stalked her a little bit) that she has quite a few recurring clips of herself singing. Her bio also says that she is a music chick, yet I bet you’ve never heard her name in the music industry…either that or you’ve actually just started seeing her name on YouTube.

According to Wikipedia, she gained fame when Justin Bieber shared a video of her singing on Twitter. However, I am too lazy to find that tweet for you or that clip (although I’m sure it wouldn’t be very hard).

But, who is Madison Beer?

Quickly put, she is an American singer and actress. Her YouTube channel substantiates her rising music career, while her Instagram remains one of her most famous platforms. So there you go.

All of the pictures that appear in this article have been taken from Madison Beer’s Instagram account.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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