Movie Review: Fist Fight

High school teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) is challenged to a fist fight after school by Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube), because he is accused for breaking the ‘teachers stay together’ code. The film takes place on the last day of school, and once Campbell gets Strickland fired from his position, Strickland challenges him to a fight. The rest of movie is about Campbell using whatever tactics he can to get out of this fight. With an IMDB rating of 5.7 , this movie is trying to convey the message about underfunded schools, and the mean American school system.


Most of the humour in this movie is rather juvenile, and it is not at all grounded to reality. I usually like both actors, however, due to their over exaggerated performances, I did not greatly enjoy this movie. We are stuck with the same two main characters throughout the whole movie, and it is only based on a simple plot of a fight. When the fight finally happens, there are very unrealistic scenes which simply get on my nerves. I must admit that some of the jokes got a laugh out of me, and I would understand why some may enjoy this particular genre, but most of the time I was zoning out.


With a number a bad reviews, I would rate this movie a 3/10. I personally wouldn’t consider watching it if you were looking for a good comedy. On the other hand, if you were looking for an overenthusiastic American movie, this is perfect for you.

Article by Roxana Lazar



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