Movies to Watch in the Summer


Greasegiphy (5).gif

The most successful musical of all time, this romantic movie is perfect to inspire some Summer romance. Sandy is a cheerleader while Danny is a greaser, they’re not meant for each other yet they find ways to make it work.

Adventurelandgiphy (6).gif

James Brennon a recent high school graduate can’t afford his dream of a Europe trip, so his parents advice him to take a job instead. He is hired in an amusement park named Adventureland and finds romance. Maybe not going to Europe will be worth it after all?

Dirty Dancinggiphy (7).gif

A classic Summer movie, this movie only get’s better the more you watch it! Baby thinks her Summer is doomed until she meets the dance instructor at a resort she’s staying at. Her father forbids her of seeing him, but she is determined to help him perform in a big upcoming dance.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantssource (1).gif

Enough romance, let’s talk about friendship! In this movie four best friends head their separate ways, but no matter how far they are from each other there is one item of clothing that still connects them. Pants. Pants that fit them all perfectly that they take turns sharing. A perfect movie to watch with your girlfriends!

The Parent Trapgiphy (8).gif

This adorable movie starring little Lindsey Lohan is a perfect family movie to watch! Twins Annie and Hallie meet at a Summer camp without knowing they are related, each twin grew up with one parent with just a picture of their other parent. After piecing it all together, the girls decide to swap and spend time with the parent they never got to see. Could this be a reason to merge the split family?

The Wacknessthe-wackness.jpg

Drug dealer Luke Shapiro is trading drugs for therapy sessions. He has trouble with girls and self esteem, but the therapist has problems of his own too with his wife. Together, they get together and go on a girl frenzy. This movie is great to watch with a friend and get a good laugh.

The Way Way Backgiphy (9).gif

When Duncan is forced to stay with his mom, her boyfriend and his daughter in a beach house, he finds an escape when he finds a job at a water park. There, he meets park manager Owen, and finds a father figure in him.

The Kings of Summerscreen_shot_2013-05-16_at_1.49.48_pm.png

Three teenagers decide to leave their homes, build a house in the woods and live there. This movie is great because it gives a carefree, lively vibe.

Jawsgiphy (10).gif

When a woman is killed by a shark near Amity Island, the police want to close the beaches but the mayor fears the loss of tourists will hurt the town. Then two men decide to help the mayor capture the killer shark. Only watch this movie if you want to be scared to swim in the ocean for the next two years!

I Know What You Did Last Summergiphy (11).gif

When a group of friends run over a fisherman and dump his body in the water, they think they’re off the hook. But after a year, they receive a note saying that they were seen. It seems they didn’t quite get off the hook because a man with a hook kills one of them, and stalks the other friends. A great horror movie to watch during the Summer.

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Deadgiphy (12).gif

Teenager Sue Ellen Crandell is exciting for her mom’s Summer-long absence. This change though when her babysitter abruptly dies. While short on cash, Sue finds a job by lying about her age and experience and sees the truth about adulthood.

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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