Pics That Are Too Accurate: UK Heatwave

The past three days have been a real burden on the Brits, and while many of us in the UK tried our best to enjoy the high temperatures, it was very difficult. This is no surprise, however. Any day with 20 degrees is a day that we enjoy spending outside. But in the summer months (or whatever), temperatures stay in the early twenties, and anything surpassing that becomes intolerable (to an extent).

Starting with last Sunday, the beginning of this week came with temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius. Yesterday was noted to be the hottest day this year in the UK, with an alleged 33 degrees in the evening. You must only imagine how little sleep we all got.

Here is a chronological timeline of how these events took place.

  1. Saturday night everyone was outside enjoying a pleasant yet relatively breezy weekend.giphy
  2. Sunday the sun is out and everyone wants to be outside. The weather is perfect for shorts and the Brits have taken out their convertibles.giphy (1).gif
  3. Sunday night people can’t sleep. Everyone is up until 2 AM because, you see, we are not used to sleeping during some great 23 degrees.giphy (2).gif
  4. Monday it feels as if it was holiday and school was out; however, while good mood was everywhere and people were finally wearing their dresses, shorts, and sandals, everyone was literally melting. I know, that’s a very cliche thing to say. But it was actually impossible to stay too long in the sun. England was not prepared.source
  5. After yet another absolutely horrible sleep came another day of the heatwave. Monday had been a good 30 degrees, and Tuesday was now up for some 31-32 degrees Celsius. Everyone was taking a couple icy showers a day.giphy (3).gif
  6. Another horrendous night of not more than a couple hours passed, and on came Wednesday with 33 degrees temperatures at 8 PM! Trust me, England sees this once a year—it is a huge deal.
  7. Everyone’s watching the weather forecast slowly and realising Thursday England returns to the typical 20 degrees, which everyone still adores and enjoys to the fullest. Anything in the twenties for the Brits is beautiful and more than expected! Nevertheless, people still had a hard time surviving through the night and, to be honest, it’s still quite warm… but I will keep you updated.

Note: All of the gifs are from

Article by Bianca Lazar

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