The Return of Jay Alvarrez

It has been almost a year since Jay Alvarrez’s last YouTube video (meaning that just about when the infamous break up with Alexis Ren happened). Since then, fans followed the two (Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren) on separate accounts, hoping they would get back together so that Jay could drop yet another one of his breathtaking videos. However, a year later the two are still far from getting back together. What’s even more, Jay has still had not released a travel video, although fans witnessed his activity in places such as Los Angeles, Jordan, and the UAE…that is, until NOW.

Four days ago Jay Alvarrez released his highly awaited and sponsored video from the United Arab Emirates. He writes in the video that, given a budget, he and some of his friends did all kinds of extreme things in Abu Dhabi and Dubai until they spent all the money they had (this allegedly took no more than two weeks). To go watch the video, click here or on the picture below.


Jay Alvarrez posted on numerous occasions since the publication of his UAE video that he has attempted to push his limits as far as possible through creating art that varies from visual to auditory. What makes his most recently released video most special, in my opinion, is that everything that appears in it has been produced by the one only Jay Alvarrez. While, of course, there has been cited contributions (from his friends), most of the footage was filmed by him as was the editing of it for the production. Yet, what is most pleasantly surprising is that even the soundtrack to the video was made by him. Now it is becoming clear that Jay Alvarrez is reaching a whole new level of filmmaking where he is becoming a sole producer.jay-alvarrez-963x400

But what’s been going on since the release of his video? First of all, it is expected that the video will reach 1 million views by the end of the week, which is what everyone expected anyway.

Secondly, Jay has shared some of the biggest changes going on in his life at the moment. Not only has he left his luxurious house back in Los Angeles, but he has also sold (or at least advertised the selling) of his 2013 G Class car for $110k. If you don’t believe, go check out his Instagram here.

Now we all wait with impatience to see what he is up to and what filmmaking projects he will be involved with in the future. He is currently in Russia, doing who knows what.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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