How to Make Fasting Easier

Fasting is a religious act practiced by Muslims in Ramadan (or specific days throughout the rest of the 11 months). When fasting, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything when the sun is out. Muslims have “iftar”, the time when they break their fast and “suhoor”, which is the meal you have before sunrise. It has been studied and proven that fasting can improve the immune system and may be really useful for survival reasons when needed, it improves restraint and patience. But fasting is undoubtedly hard, especially in the Summer when the days are longer and the nights are shorter. Here are some ways you can make fasting easier for yourself.fasting-be-back-soon-bw-144ppi-970x711

Sleep Late, Wake Up LateM_Id_401088_Kids_Sleep.jpg

Stay up until suhoor and don’t sleep after that either until a very early hour. This way, you will wake up late and not have to wait long for iftar. This tip is best for students who don’t have school in the Summer. If you work or go to school in the Summer, this won’t be very helpful as you’ll be tired the whole following day.

Eat Constantly When You Can08-all-you-can-eat.w710.h473.2x.jpg

After sunset, and your iftar meal, don’t be shy to snack. Eat anything you are craving, and drink as much as you can.

Watch TVtelevision-watchin_2954124b.jpg

If you feel yourself getting hungry or thirsty, avoid that by watching TV or starting a new TV show. Anything that can keep your mind busy is good. We’ve got quite a selection of articles with movie reviews or lists of movies/ TV series you can watch (12 TV Shows to Binge Watch).


A good book can really keep you busy and take you to another world, distracting you from your surroundings and this might just be what you need.


Fasting drains your energy, and if you have free time until iftar, why not spend it relaxing and napping? Set you alarm half an hour before iftar and nap away!

Call a Friendthis-quiz-will-reveal-which-friends-character-you-2-8214-1488911847-17_dblbig.jpg

You can call them over or call them through your phone, either way talking to someone can make time pass much faster. But keep in mind that talking a lot makes your throat dry which leads to thirst!711c7e90bda72e040e9ec523e98a0023

I hope these tips were helpful since I know the struggle of being hungry and thirsty while fasting, I found that these are the best ways to keep you distracted from your state. Either way, you are choosing to fast and that is the real magical part of this, resisting the cravings and holding yourself. Good luck on fasting!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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