The Rich Avocado, Lemon & Tuna Salad You Need

With the heat already hitting up as the start of summer is already here, it is time to unpack the calories (or at least attempt to) and bring in the lighter and healthier packs of foods. Perhaps put away the heavy meat meals and bring out fruit and veggie salads, milkshakes, and easy breakfast porridge. I’m being very stereotypical but I think these sound a lot more like summery food tables than winter ones.

I’ve prepared for you an idea on how you can quickly and so swiftly prepare a lunch salad for yourself that will freshen you up and definitely not make you feel bloated (unless of course you have some digestive/allergic reaction to one of the ingredients or you make a too big bowl of it).

Start out with the best of the best: avocado. Slice up thin pieces of avocado and spread them on a medium-size bowl to form the bottom ground of your salad. 

Chop up some iceberg lettuce (like how I did in this case) or use any edible leaves you like and have in your fridge: spinach, rocket, watercress, radicchio, and so on. Throw them on top of the sliced avocado bits.

Now you need to add a splash of colour so bring in the core of your salad: tuna. Tuna is loaded in protein, vitamins, and nutrients. A substitute (optimum choice in my opinion) could be salmon.

Top up your salad with some dressing but add in grated mozzarella or any grated cheese and add the definitive flavour of salt and lemon. I add lemon to all of my meals that include fish or seafood, yet that is based on your liking. Also add in some onion, because why not add in some more scent, am I right?

Finally, mix it all up and enjoy your colourful and healthy source of protein and energy for the day with crispbread!

Article by Bianca Lazar

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