Countries For Lovers Of The Heat

There is absolutely nothing better than feeling the warm sun on your bare skin, in a tropical country, surrounded by palm trees, exotic animals, and friendly locals. Yes, there are people that enjoy the cold seasons more, but I personally can’t get enough of the heat. There’s just something special about being in a tropical country where you never really have to worry about getting cold.


It’s almost always hot and humid in Thailand. This appeals to many lovers of the heat because it’s never jacket weather. As well as stunning beaches, there are unending activities that are more than perfect to do in the calming heat.Image result for thailand beaches


Home of one of the wonders of the world, the Chechen Itza, Mexico is a beautiful country filled with many outdoor events and tropical cities/islands just waiting to be visited by those who would appreciate the soothing climate.

Image result for Cancun Beaches


This country isn’t only for those who enjoy the heat, but also for those who have a great lust for crystal clear water and mind blowing beaches.

Image result for maldives Beaches


If you have a deep passion for exploring the wonders of a breathtaking Asian island that can offer you not only impressive beaches, but also gorgeous architecture, then this country couldn’t be more perfect for you.

Image result for indonesia Beaches


With beautiful and colourful cities, Greece is a warm country almost all year around. No matter the season, this is definitely a country for those who know how to appreciate the toasty climate.

Image result for greece Beaches


This country calls to the heat lovers because it is well known for the summery atmosphere and the many water activities, such as surfing and snorkelling. This country is also well known for hikes that lead you to incredible views.

Image result for hawaii Beaches

Article by Roxana Lazar

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