The Best Outdoor Outfit for A Rainy Day

If you live in the United Kingdom like I do, you know that there is quite an obvious imbalance in the type of clothing in your closet. In other words, it is pretty clear that most of the shopping we do over here is focused on the type of clothes that would not only shelter us from a sudden burst in rain but also keep us warm because it is (quite infamously) not always very hot in England.

But that is not meaning to say that there aren’t any other countries that experience this weather in seasons such as spring and autumn. Hence, here is a simple and perhaps realistic idea on what you could wear outdoors on a rainy or puddle-y day.

dayana use (1 of 1)-4Hoodie

Always carry a hoodie around with you, even if you think you won’t be needing it. It is casual and effortless and completes a look that will also keep you covered from rain.

Skinny Black Jeans

Stay classic. Rainy days mean puddles are everywhere and you don’t want a car speeding past you only to splash all over your chic items of clothing. Black jeans have always been and will always remain in fashion, as are skinny jeans.

Skater Shoes

Some countries have named this type of shoe skater shoe because it is typical for skates (duh). They are extremely casual and perhaps occasionally too casual and laidback but they do the trick in keeping the water away (to some extent).bianca (1 of 1)-2

For more ideas on what to do during a slightly cooler weather, make sure to check out our other articles such as here on using the cold to your advantage.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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