Big OR Little Dog – Which One Is Right For You?

Are you a dog lover that feels ready to commit to the massive responsibility of having your own canine companion? Have you decided on whether a Big or Little dog is right for you? When thinking of getting a new dog it is very important that you choose the right one for you. Getting a dog is like getting a new family member, so here is some help to ensure that you pick the right pooch.

Big Dogs

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Advantages: They are sporty and enjoy going on runs, hikes, and swimming. A lot of fun and they’re basically half your size, so they are great huggers and there is more to love. They have a big heart and are great cuddlers.

Disadvantages: They lose more hair, and if not trained correctly, could make a big mess. Vet bills are bigger, and they also need a LOT of food. They take a lot of caring, and you would need to put in all your effort.

Stereotypical characteristics: energetic, active, affectionate, alert, brave, cuddly, protective, huggable, needy, faithful, vigilant, impatient, playful, heavy, elegant, strong

Yeah, big dogs require a hell of a lot of care when it comes to grooming and exercise, but when it comes to big and fluffy canines, they make up for it with their amazing personalities.

Little Dogs

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Advantages: They are easy to pick up and hold like little babies. Also they are good lap heaters. Cheaper when it comes to food, insurance, travelling, etc. Easier to clean up after and they don’t require as much effort as big dogs.

Disadvantages: There are many risks if you’re not careful, for example, you can lose sight of them easily, easier to be dognapped, might step on them, etc.

Stereotypical characteristics: alert, easy, light, playful, yappy, loyal, energetic, cheerful, obedient, pampered, needy, hyper

Everybody loves a cute little lap dog. So if you enjoy carrying a pooch around and watching their little feet do 10 steps when you do 1, then small dogs are perfect for you.

Article by Roxana Lazar

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