The Circle 2017 Movie Review

Mae Holland is an average girl with potential, who gets accepted to the world’s most powerful technology company which is a great thing for her and her family.  At first, she doesn’t see herself fitting in, but soon, she get’s sucked into this community. When the company’s founder encourages her to participate in an experiment that pushes boundaries in privacy and freedom. Soon, these choices she has made start affecting her life and family.large_circle_ver2.jpg

This post is spoiler free.

What was surprising to me about this film is that although many big names were participating in the film, the film wasn’t long awaited for, nor had I heard of it before I saw it in the cinema. I saw the trailer just hours before I watched the movie, I think the producers could’ve advertised it more to draw more audience.hq720.jpg

Emma Watson takes the leading role as Mae Holland. And as usual, she nails her part; she shows emotion and charisma through her character, we can’t help but sympathize with Mae.

Tom Hanks did his part greatly as well, yet he wasn’t shown as much in the film as I would’ve wanted to see.

The movie, overall, has a great message of what our society could come to and become. The idea seems very appealing but could end up not so much. I thought the movie portrayed that very nicely.

Imagine if you didn’t know you were being watched. How many people would want that? Being judged for everything and anything you do.0422_pop_forecast_circle-e1492799163788 (1).jpg

My favorite character, I must say, was Mae’s best friend Annie. She was always supportive of her best friend and helped her get in the Circle, where she worked. She worked there, yet, she didn’t get sucked into it. The-Circle-still.jpg

The movie is great; the buildup, the climax but I didn’t enjoy the ending very much. Is it worth your money and time? Totally.

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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