Beautify Sweatpants in Daily Dress

It should not be a surprise to you that this article even exists; celebrities are advertising the use of sweatpants in outdoor dress in the modern world, no more than ever. Why? Well, I am actually tempted to answer that question with because we humans are becoming lazier by the day. It is a matter of general knowledge now that technology has made all humans lazier, yet organic stores and fitness organisations have grown in article (1 of 1)-2.jpgpopularity, demonstrating that humans may, at the same time, merely be turning into more physically aware and mobile creatures in this age. Hence, perhaps sweatpants and lazy wear are taking over the fashion world simply because, while they do pose a simplistic and effortless appearance, they are unisex and can, believe it or not, be more elegantly worn. Nevertheless, fashion does come at a price, and that price is the chance of looking a lot worse than you could have if you didn’t focus so much on attempting to look chic.

The model used in the photographs in this article is Roxana Lazar and you can find her on Instagram through @rxnlazar

Of course, whenever you’re properly going to do some sport, sweatpants should be fully combined with sportswear. However, sweatpants alone can be worn in social environments plus casual surroundings such as in an airport. To stand, out there are a few fashion characteristics that you can take into account and add them to your sweatpants look in order to look slightly more elegant and less as if you’re about lounge in front of you TV all day.

Sweatpants cannot be the only casual clothing on you.

If you’re wearing sweatpants, then part of you was feeling more realistically casual which means that somewhere on you needs to be something else that can be categorised into either casual or sport. For instance, shoes can be sneakers.

Create contrast against your sweatpants.

If your sweatpants are white or grey, a good idea would be to wear a dark top. Similarly, if your sweatpants are black or a dark colour, a white or light top would work best in order to create some contrast. Yet, this isn’t a rule. For instance, in summer and hot temperatures, dressing completely in light colours can look a lot more fitting. It also depends on the rest of your outfit nuances (for example, shoes). So, take into account the vibe you want to transfer.

Jewellery is a must for females.

Jewellery is an accessory that should never ever, ever be dismissed. It is crucial to always have at least two different pieces of jewellery on you at all times—that’s my rule. To illustrate this point, I personally will always be seen at least with one bracelet on and a necklace. Sometimes I will add rings or earrings or anklets, but my two base forms of jewellery will always be bracelets and necklaces.

More accessories to close off your look.

A bag also seems to be relatively essential, yet some looks are better off completed without one. Nevertheless, I have personally noticed it is nice to just always have something handheld alongside your outfit: wallet, purse, backpack, side bag, even your phone or just a water bottle even!article (1 of 1)-4

Finally, do not forget to be confident. Confidence is the key to anyone’s first appearance in other people’s eyes.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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