How to Easily Draw: Hair pt.3

Hair can be hard to draw especially because of all the tiny details we have to pay attention to. Here is a guide to draw hair the simplest and best way. Here’s how to draw wavy/curly hair.

Start off by drawing the chunk of hair. In curly or wavy hair, you have to draw by chunks and pieces of hair rather than all at once.


Determine which curves are going to be the ones farther from the light and which will be closer. And start shading according to that.


Shade lighter towards the centers of the places where the light is hitting and darker towards the parts where the light wouldn’t be hitting.


Start making small strokes darker than your shadings, these are the hairs.
With a B pencil make the depths even darker, for the fuller effect of the curl.


With a mechanical pencil define the small hairs and make the finishing touches.17548998_1252782511507049_1105023029_o.jpg

This is the last part to the hair drawing series! See the first part here and the second part here. If you want more guides on specific hair types or hairstyles, leave us a comment on what you would like a guide for!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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