How to Easily Draw: Hair pt.2

Hair can be hard to draw especially because of all the tiny details we have to pay attention to. Here is a guide to draw hair the simplest and best way. Here’s how to draw straight hair with bangs.

Start off by drawing a head, this isn’t an important step for the hair but it is important to have a base.17571241_1252782888173678_684575121_o.jpg
Draw the outlines of the hair.


Using the HB pencil make small shadings, don’t shade the center of the bangs and the general hair as the light will be hitting there.


Using the B pencil, make the tips of the hair darker and press lighter towards the center of the hair.
And the last step is to take a 2B mechanical pencil and define the hairs.17571690_1252782721507028_991721314_o.jpg
This was part two of the hair series! To read the first part click here. Part three is now available here.
Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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