Prepare Yourself Quickly And Easily For The Exams

The exams are nearly here, and honestly, no one is prepared. If you want to make it through, it is very important that you start to take it seriously from now on. Here is some simple advice, and easy ways in which you can begin your preparation for the exams.


First of all, get organised. Don’t be messy and just flip through the pages of a textbook, make a pile of all the books you are intending on studying, put away the ones you don’t believe to be useful. Order textbooks, buy all the needed equipment, and have a few scrapbooks prepared in which you could take some notes. You could even make a studying calendar that counts down to the exam dates to feel more prepared. On this calendar you could write down, what topic you will work on every day and for how long.


Second of all, begin the actual learning process. I’m sorry, but this means that you have to open your books and start reading. Also look over any notes you took in class, or on websites that seem to have reliable information useful for the specific subjects you are preparing for. Make flashcards, make mind maps, find educational games, draw to help memorize…do whatever helps you learn and remember best. Do this a bit everyday, it will soon become a routine.


Third of all, practice. Put what you’ve learned to a test. Print off some past papers, put yourself in exam conditions, meaning, turn on timer, no phone, no distractions, and no cheating. When you go into the exam, you should be used to it because you will have practiced at home in exam conditions. By doing this, you will feel more relaxed and prepared when it comes to the actual exam, and you can test your abilities, finding your weak points and improving on those. source.jpg

Last of all, repeat. Train your brain to work everyday. Repeat the second and third point over and over until the exam comes. It is very important to practice every day so that you get adjusted to the information and that everything you learned stays fresh in your brain.

If you follow these easy and basic steps, you are going to feel happy and ready for your exams. By preparing yourself this way, you will have nothing to be scared of.


Article by Roxana Lazar

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