Denim in Your Spring-Summer Transition

Speaking at least for the United Kingdom, the end of spring is approaching and this means that in a few weeks time it will feel like summer. So, it is slowly becoming the time to put away your warm, thick, layering clothes that you wore for the past few months to endure cold, rain, snow, and wind, and it’s time to shove those to the back of the closet and bring out the denim. Why denim? Because denim is the new hot spring trend. article dneim (1 of 1)

For those of you who never understood how trends come about, all you need to know is that the fashion industry has a massive influence on this. If even just a single fashion designer organises a catwalk that brings out an original style and another fashion designer likes it, slowly but surely that style is adapted and presented to the world. That is called innovation and, therefore, trendsetting. When catwalks and big fashion designers begin enforcing new styles of clothing and methods of wearing them, that is when a new trend comes about.article dneim (1 of 1)-3

It is important to note, however, that while fashion designers have a massive influence on the global trends of people, they are not the only factor that leads to the dismissal of an old trend and the introduction of a new one. The general public is also responsible for that, and what tends to happen is that fashion designers and influencers are inspired by the general public’s interpretations of fashion. And hence the cycle begins.

To illustrate this point, earlier in March this year, Gigi Hadid was photographed in Paris wearing all denim. A few days ago, Bella Hadid was also photographed in denim, casually bringing back the country and ’90s techniques.

So, take out all the denim you have and wear it all at the same time: trousers, coats, jumpsuits, dresses, caps. Bring out all the jeans you have.

Specific brands such as Levi’s and Pepe Jeans are specialist on diverse denim jean products. The best part yet is that—and this is something I know a few personal artists that do—you can buy plain denim materials and then add your own to design by it with either paint of other textiles.
article dneim (1 of 1)-2

Article by Bianca Lazar



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