Netflix’s New Show: 13 Reasons Why

The bestselling book Thirteen Reasons Why was written by Jay Asher in 2007. Recently it was made into a thirteen episode show on Netflix.13-reasons-why.jpg

The greatest thing about this story is that it talks about the real issues many teens face, and how ignorant and mean one can  be to another. It gives off a great message, you can’t know everything that’s going on someone else’s life and how one thing you can say can have the biggest affect on them.13-reasons-why-book-cover.jpg

Clay Jensen receives a box full of tapes unexpectedly, and when he starts listening to them; he realizes it’s from his friend, Hannah Baker, who had killed herself. The tapes are hard for him to listen to, as he was in love with her. If only he knew what was going on in her life.How-Old-Actors-13-Reasons-Why.jpg

Katherine Langford’s acting and representation of Hannah Baker was great. She put a lot of emotion and character into it and I loved that about her. She’s also got a great voice and makes you feel things even when she’s not in the shot.

Dylan Minnette also did a


great job in his part. He showed us a vulnerable, desperate and upset teenager.

The other actors and actresses also did a great job, Netflix really picked a nice cast.

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This show is important because it’s purpose isn’t to just entertain; it’s to teach and send a message. Many adults don’t understand that High School and social life is everything to most teenagers, and when something humiliating happens, they think it’s forever because this life is their everything at this moment. Nowadays bullying isn’t only in real life, now there’s cyber-bullying as well which is technically outside of school and out of control for school teachers. It’s easy to hide behind a screen and write up a nasty, hurtful thing about someone but it’s hard to fix it and take it back when it’s too late.

When false rumors are made, there will be people who believe it and spread it, and make up other false rumors to support that rumor. It is not okay to hurt someone just for fun.giphy (65).gif

I found myself thinking back to all the times I said something I thought was funny, but what I said might’ve hurt that person. I think everyone has times when they’ve something with a pure meaning but it wasn’t taken that way. Or they said something hurtful on purpose, but didn’t expect it to hurt them this much. I can say that there were times where I said something hurtful on purpose, and made fun of them and watching this show reminded me of that time; and I really regret that now.

Overall, this is a great show and I recommend watching it and spreading the message. Always be kind and spread only positive vibes. If you know someone who’s depressed or in need of a friend or help; help them, talk to them and try to support them.

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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