Views in Mexico You Won’t Believe Are Real

Mexico is famous for its rich culture, abundant cuisine, traditional music and dance, flamboyant festivities and celebrative events, and, particularly, its landscapes, including wildlife and nature. Not only can you find the most beautifully coloured beaches of Central America’s coast plus historical context that relates to Mayan heritage, but you can also be placed in the midst of wildlife and nature that can only be found in the tropics and that can only be truly felt in the Caribbean. To find out more about the unique characteristics of Mexico, click here.

If you want to feel inspired not only to travel to Mexico but to travel in general, you may want to watch this video before continuing this article.

The above picture was taken at Ik Kil Cenote, located near Chichén Itzá (a Wonder of the World) in the Yucatán Peninsula. Cenotes are very popular natural locations in Mexico, and what they essentially are is holes in the ground of water. It is important to note that they are natural pits, also referred to as sinkholes, which were formed as a result of collapses of limestone bedrock that consequently expose the groundwater underneath.

The above picture was taken on Isla Mujeres, an Island in the Caribbean Sea, located just about 40 minutes by boat from the coast of Cancun. It is a popular honeymoon destination, with its most famous beach being the one in the image above: Playa Norte. IT is a great vacation island for families as well, with abundant choices of snorkeling and water activities you cannot miss. The water is still and the colour of it, in the end, is the most fascinating characteristic it holds. Of course, crystal-clear waters can be found in many other locations in the world, yet if you are well traveled, you will know that every beach will have a slightly different colour and aspect to it.

The above image was taken on Isla Mujeres, mid-town. It is a basic picture in what it is, but the combination of the colour of the sea, the green of the nature, and the tall palm trees, plus the backdrop of a sunny, blank canvas of a sky, sends the atmosphere of peace and serenity which is a feeling not every country can transmit in the same way Mexico can.

The above image was taken around Isla Mujeres from a boat during sunset hours. There are details from this landscape that once again—if you were the person who took this picture in that instant—would be in a moment of relaxation, being surrounded by the sound of gently crashing waves and brightly warm light.

A classic trait of the hippie town of Tulum is its similarity to Indonesia, for instance. There is nature everywhere you turn and it makes it feel like the middle of summer. The tropics are really there.

I wanted to show another example of how colourful Mexico is with the above image where you can literally see shades of pink and red. It is such a beautiful, flamboyant combination of nuances that will always surround you wherever you go.

The above photograph demonstrates the wildlife in Mexico, and how easy it is to get so close to it and see it from a perspective that is not available to you at the zoo, for instance. Birds are a particularly repetitive sight in the tropics, and merely listening to them is meditation.

The above picture was taken in Tulum. I mentioned Tulum earlier in the article as a hippie town, as that is exactly what it is. The beaches along the coast of Tulum are absolutely splendid: the water colour is bright blue and waves are immense. Visitors come to Tulum beaches to enjoy the free atmosphere and salty air and it does get quite crowded during the day in the water—everyone’s out playing around in the waves. Moreover, the best Mexican cuisine is served right here.

Make sure to watch this video to see other stunning sights!

Article by Bianca Lazar

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