Easy Ways To Make Money This Summer

Are you tired of asking your parents for money? Well, Summer is almost here, and there are plenty of opportunities to earn yourself some pocket money. Be your own boss of summer and make some money.

  1. Pet Walking/Sitting: Some people don’t have time for their pets during Summer. They’re either vacationing, or busy with their friends. That’s where you come in. Tell your neighbours that you would be happy to dog walk, and pet sit. Offer them a reasonable price and they will surely want  your help. You also get to spend time with adorable pets.source.gif
  2. Cool People Off: Go to a public place where there’s a lot of sunshine and offer people a drink/snack. In crowded streets, people are bound to get hot and desperate for a refreshing drink.source.gif
  3. Help Out The Neighbours: Having Neighbours is a great advantage. They trust you, know you, and would probably pay you more than a stranger. Mow their lawn, wash their cars, take care of their garden, do some house cleaning, anything really.source
  4. Babysitting: Summer presents a real challenge for parents, that is why they need to stop stressing every minute. Find families with many children and advertise yourself to them. Meet the parents’ requirements and everyone’s happy.source.gif
  5. Tutoring: Not everyone’s Summers are beach, partying, and tanning. Some students spend a lot of it studying. Many of those are probably struggling, and in desperate need to catch up in some classes. Offer to tutor them and make their summer easier.source.jpg
  6. Summer Festival Jobs: Summer is a season stacked with festivals and concerts, and they have a lot of part time job opportunities. You might even get a free entry to the festival.
  7. Online Surveys: Don’t feel like leaving the house to make money? No problem, there are plenty of online surveys that pay you for answering a few simple questions. This is a perfect way to make money the lazy way.
Article by Roxana Lazar

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