Review: Beauty And The Beast

Last weekend I watched the new Beauty and the Beast movie, simply because I wanted to know what all of the craze was about. My expectations were high going into the cinema, and here is my review of the movie.source.gif

The Theme:giphy (62).gif

The movie had an amazing scenery and a beautiful colorful theme. It mixed lots of colors together to create a great setting.

The Story:giphy (63).gif

The story was based on the fairy tale, and more specifically the Disney animated film made in 1991. There are many versions of this story, since it is very old but Disney recreated this animated film and brought it to reality perfectly.

Songs:source (1).gif

The songs had a big impact on the film, and although they were the same as in the animated film; it is debatable if it is for the better or worse. Personally, I loved that they picked the songs from the animated film because of all the nostalgia (and I loved singing along to the songs while watching the movie). But other than that, the song that was sung specifically for this movie was also amazing. I’ve been listening to Ariana Grande and John Legend’s “Beauty and the Beast” on repeat since I’ve watched the movie.giphy (64).gif

Overall, it was a great movie and I really enjoyed the experience. Emma Watson was beautiful, and I can’t think of a better Belle than her. Dan Stevens also played his part well but I was especially impressed by Luke Evans who was Gaston. He played the over-confident villain perfectly. I also enjoyed all the furniture and the supporting characters. I don’t have any complaints about this film and am proudly going to recommend this to everyone!bntbtrip.jpg

Did you enjoy the movie? Do you prefer this one or the 1991 animated version of Beauty and the Beast?

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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