Why Lilly Singh is An Inspiration to Us All

Lilly Singh started out as a Youtuber by the name Superwoman. Her positive and upbeat attitude is what drew a big audience. Not to mention her creative and funny videos which were performed and made with lots work and effort. She has made songs, supported charity campaigns, made a movie about her tour (A Trip to Unicorn Island) and much, much more. With all this, she is also a very humble, kind person who cares about humanity, animals and the world. Here are some reasons as to why she is an inspiration to us.

1. She Wrote a Book:17354897_1126026740858655_325792841_n.jpg

In her book, “How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life,” she talks about confidence and empowerment. This book has helped many teenagers who faced confidence issues, she taught them how to be a ‘bawse.’

2. Girl Love:lilly-singh-teams-up-with-me-to-we-to-launch-girllove-rafiki-bracelets-01.jpg

Lilly Singh has showed her care for girls and love, but combining these words she has made a movement to stop girl-on-girl hate and embrace one another. She has addressed that girls always judge and hate on one another,when instead we could bring each other up and encourage one another. She has made Girl Love bracelets, and every one you buy you will be supporting the education of young women in Kenya (how cool is that?).

3. She Has Opened Up About Depression:lilly-singh.jpg

Lilly showed us that she isn’t always so upbeat and happy. She has struggled through depression and talked about it openly, she forced herself to move on and conquer her fears and encourages her fans to do the same.

4. When She Had A Tour:17361059_1126026764191986_278529845_n.jpg

In 2015 Lilly had a tour called A Trip to Unicorn Island where she only shared positivity and empowerment. She showed that people’s dreams and happiness are worth fighting for.

5. She Is Just Like Us:B97402291Z.120141209123413000GIQ7O45L.11.jpg

She always makes relatable videos to our everyday lives. She makes the videos comedic and entertaining to watch!

Her platform is huge and only shares positivity and support, we hope she keeps being herself and doing the amazing things to inspire us!

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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