10 Minute S’mores

We all loves s’mores but it can be time consuming, so we found an easy recipe for you to make delicious s’mores in 10 minutes!


-1 cup of crushed graham crackers

– 1 cup of chocolate chips ( i used bitter ones)

– 2 marshmallows for every tin ( if you want you can use the little ones)

– 1 stick of butter

Step 1:

Take out all of your ingredients and crush your graham crackers if not crushed already.

Step 2:

Microwave your butter for 1 minute or until it is melted. Then pour it to the graham crackers and mix them together with a fork.17121470_1114603352000994_936388068_o.jpg17149123_1114603368667659_1729760619_o.jpg

Step 3:

Take out your tins and put 2 spoonfuls of the mixed graham crackers to each tin and then put it to the oven for 8 minutes or until they look solid.17121557_1114603465334316_1708814320_o.jpg17142159_1114603488667647_606713688_o.jpg17148799_1114603505334312_1457375675_o.jpg

Step 4:

After you take out the tins fill each of the tins with 1 spoonful of chocolate chips or more if you want a sweeter taste. Put it back to the oven for 2 minutes or until it looks melted.17142058_1114603545334308_2027312600_o.jpg

Step 5:

At last put the marshmallows in and put it in the oven in high setting for 45 seconds. Be careful to not let it burn too much just let it have a nice light brown color.17148775_1114603568667639_2021806742_o.jpg17121640_1114603635334299_1800053048_o.jpg

And that’s it, you have made yourself fresh and easy s’mores, enjoy!

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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