Brit Prom Expectations Vs. Reality

Prom is the day that every student (yes, even the boys) looks forward to…but in this article we will focus on the emotions felt by girls.

We all expect to go with our own Prince Charming and have the time of our lives with our besties by our side. However, British proms are not like the American ones—at all. Sadly, our expectations are far off from reality. It isn’t prom season yet, but I think I should probably warn you that reality does not meet your expectations.

The Questionsource.gif

Expectations: The guy of your dreams will give you the best promposal in the most perfect and romantic way that will make you cry.

Reality: The truth is that the guy of your dreams is just a dream, and a random dude ends up whispering to you “If you don’t have a date to prom, do you want to come with me?” in the middle of class. Or you end up going with your best friend as Plan B (which is what happens 99% of the time).

source.gifThe Money

Expectations: Prom can’t be that expensive.

Reality: You need a dress, shoes, make up, a haircut, a day at the salon, and tickets, and you only have £20. Thank the lord that your mom is offering to pay it all…or is she?

Your Skin

Expectations: Your skin will be spotless.

Reality: Sorry, but your pimples decide that this is the perfect time to come out and cover up your whole face.source.gif

The Preparation

Expectations: Just before the big night, you are going to call your friends over and do each other’s make-up and hair. Once everything is perfect, you just talk about what you expect to happen while waiting for your dates to pick you up. It will be all giggles and smiles.

Reality: Before the big night, your friends come over and you prepare yourselves to perfection. However, prom has already started and you guys aren’t even close to finishing your make up.source.gif

The Pick-Up

Expectations: Your date (because by this point you would have one) will pick you up in a limousine, but not before coming to your door, watching you come down the stairs, telling you that you look great, and kissing your parents goodbye after taking some couple prom picture.

Reality: Nope, chances are, you won’t have a date and no one will be willing to pay for a limousine. So, you end up going with your friends and most likely taking the bus.source.gif

The Entrance

Expectations: You walk into the palace room holding your date by the arm and your squad around you. Everyone stops to look with huge eyes.

Reality: The truth is, you walk in, nobody notices, you lose your friends a second later. You are a loner.source.gif

The Weather & Temperature

Expectations: Perfect day. Stars clear in the sky. Indoor temperature is not cold or hot.source.gif

Reality: Pouring outside (because this is Britain we are talking about, remember). You’re all cramped up into a space filled with sweaty high-school kids.

The Privacy

Expectations: You, your date, and your friends are going to “Put ‘dirty dancing’ to shame”.

Reality: The chances are that everyone is awkward because the teachers are everywhere, just watching, and judging.source.gif

The Music

Expectations: The party songs get everybody on their feet, and the slow songs are perfect for you and your crush.source.gif

Reality: No slow dances, nobody knows the song lyrics, and no one really dances. Everyone is mostly just doing an awkward little boogie. (This is actually an exaggeration sometimes…people do dance but there won’t be any slow dances.)

All jokes aside, prom is a fun event that everyone should experience. Even though it won’t live up to your expectations, you will get to spend a great night with your friends and your crush. And the best part usually comes after prom itself: the after-prom party!

Article by Roxana Lazar

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