Vogue Despite Trouble at the Oscars ’17

This year the Oscars, which took place February 26, were hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and presented the 89th Academy Awards. In honor of the best films of the last several months, the Oscars brought in a slight feeling of déjà vu, am I right? Well, actually, my bad…it isn’t considered déjà vu if the moment you thought happened actually did happen.

We all remember the infamous Steve Harvey situation—that awkward moment that resulted in loads of memes. We all had a good laugh though it’s pretty clear many people involved (particularly organisers) only felt embarrassment. You know what else is funny?—how history tends to repeat itself (even though the Steve Harvey moment can’t really be considered a historic moment, can it?).oscars-2017-winners-list-980x457-1488183178_980x457

As the La La Land cast was on stage celebrating their award for Best Picture (the producers were already through their acceptance speech) a mistake was noticed: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, who were announcing the winners for this award, had been mistakenly handed the previous winner’s envelope with wrote Emma Stone for Best Actress for La La Land. The proper envelope was brought onstage at last, announcing the award belonging to Moonlight, but not before an abundant gathering of laughs and giggles, raised eyebrows, murmurs, and shakes of the heads. Oh, well…

On the bright side, vogue still made it to the Oscars, and here are some of the female looks you need to see for yourself:

Naomi Harris (in Calvin Klein)oscars-red-carpet-2011-naomie-harris-superJumbo-v3.jpg

Janelle Monáe (in Elie Saab)janelle-monae-oscars-dress-2017

Brie Larson (in Oscar de la Renta)brie-b22620d8-9c4e-498d-b344-781f252d519d

Viola Davis (in Armani)viola-0150e0e2-04e2-42ce-9dcc-c555041bd008.jpg

Emma Stone (in Givenchy)oscars-red-carpet-1758-emma-stone-superJumbo-v3.jpg

Halle Berry (in Versace)2afe1f4374ae47c3ba83bc0bb8601950-780x1020.jpg

Dakota Johnson (in Gucci)Dakota-Johnson-Wearing-Gucci-2017-Oscars.jpg

Jessica Biel (in Kaufman Franco)You-Crazy-About-Jessica-Biel-Kaufmanfranco-Gown.jpg

Taraji P. Henson (in Alberta Ferretti)rs_634x1024-170226153921-634-taraji-p-hensen.cm.22617.jpg

Hailee Steinfeld (in Ralph & Russo)1280_hailee_steinfeld_getty645628022.jpg

Cynthia Erivocynthia-erivo-shoes-oscars-red-carpet-2017

These are only some of the outfits female celebrities chose to show up in at the 2017 Oscars. Which ones are your favourite?

To see more pictures of how celebrities dressed at the Oscars (including the men), click here.

All of the images used belong to Vogue.com.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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