The Best Looks at the Grammy Awards

The 2017 Grammys was an entertaining and amazing show. There were many stunning looks that made our mouths drop, so here are the best looks at the 2017 GrammyAawards show:

1. Adele:16830302_1102177453243584_1720049536_n.jpg

Adele’s already got an incredible voice, and on top of winning an award; she rocked this breathtaking dress!

2. Demi Lovato:16880116_1102177469910249_1104536908_o.jpg

Not only did Demi Lovato present confidence in this nude dress that hugged her body stunningly. She was blinding us with sparkles!

3. Chrissy Teigen:16833235_1102177463243583_1851297347_o.jpg

Chrissy Teigen showed off her post-baby curves with a sheer black cutout dress. Not to mention, she was slaying that makeup!

4. Nick Jonas:16810901_1102177459910250_156928343_o.jpg

Rocking this rock-y vibed look was Nick Jonas. He looked good, and he knew it with that embellished jacket and an all black look.

5. Rihanna:

16810307_1102177499910246_297453034_o.jpgNot only is she flawless but can make any look fierce! She wore a beautiful orange crop top and an amazing black ballroom skirt.

6. John Legend:16810975_1102177489910247_296886386_o.jpg

John Legend went for a classic bow and a suit look, with a beautiful design on his tie.

7. Paris Jackson:16833052_1102177539910242_1348092612_o.jpg

Paris chose an elegant sparkly look that caught everyone’s attention! This beaded, low cut, gorgeous gown made her the star of the night!

8. Tori Kelly:16810240_1102177519910244_13493649_o.jpg

Tori Kelly arrived with marvelous layered green dress. Her gold and green look undeniably complemented her hair and eyes perfectly!

9. Cassadee Pope:16880199_1102177559910240_1754232505_o.jpg

With this metallic but glittery dress, Cassadee Pope stole the spotlight and most definitely deserved it because of her gorgeous look.

10. Brendon Urie:

16810285_1102177659910230_691353387_o.jpgWith this white and black blazer Brendon slayed the Grammys look. Not very dramatic, a subtle, soft and handsome look!
These are the looks that caught my eye and made me love them even more! What was your favorite look at the 2017 Grammy Award Show?
Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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