Some of the Strangest Phobias You Might Have

Whether you’re scared of the darkness, rejection, bugs or other things; most of us have fears and phobias. But have you ever heard of these phobias that you might just have, but never realized you did?


Selenophobia is the fear of the moon. The work Seleno originates from the Greek word for moon, this phobia may also be called lunaphobia from the Latin word for moon, “luna.”

Allodoxaphobiadownload (23).jpg

Allodoxaphobia is the fear of opinions. If you’re scared of judgement and opinions of others, you might just have this phobia.


Sciaphobia is the fear of shadows.

Peladophobia552467_c6e5_1024x2000 (1).jpg

Have you ever looked at someone bald, and thought, that’s scary? Fearing bald people is called peladophobia.


The good news is, you’re alive and healthy, the bad news is you have a phobia of good news!


Have you ever been scared of eating sushi with chopsticks? Then, my friend, you must have Consecotaleophobia! It’s the phobia of chopsticks.

Omphalophobiadownload (24).jpg

Belly buttons have never been scarier to people who have omphalophobia!

Dutchphobiadownload (25).jpg

This strange phobia is the fear of Dutch people and their culture!


Ever been scared of eating a lemon? Acerophobia is the fear of sourness.


The fear of things on your right, doesn’t matter what.


You will need lots and lots of deodorant and perfume if you have this phobia! It’s the phobia of taking a bath!


Hylophobia, the fear of trees, wood or forests. Like most phobias, this one is usually caused by a traumatic experience in the individual’s childhood.

Which phobias did you realize you had?

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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