Easy Guitar Songs

Knowing how to play an instrument is a very good trait to have, and I believe the best instrument to play is a guitar. Simply because it is portable and you can play any song with a guitar. But of course, it isn’t so simple. Learning how to play an instrument is hard and needs lots of practice and time, so here are a few songs to help you start out!67e24df9a968a596330faa7f8d9f4595.jpg


With melodies, you press play one string at a time (occasionally two or three), there are many more songs than the ones I listed, but these I thought were easiest and most fun to learn. Remember to learn slowly, and not rush yourself. The best tip I got from my guitar teacher was to learn one segment and after I played that perfectly, to move on to the next one but play it together with the first one. So don’t learn it all at the same time, or learn one part by one, but rather perfect it on the way.

See You Again

Jingle Bells Rock

Jingle Bells

Swan Lake

Happy Birthday

Pink Panther

Joy to the World

La Bamba

Old McDonald Had a Farm

No Women No Cry

O Christmas Tree

Pirates of the Caribbean


To play a chord you have to press your fingers into specific points of the guitar neck, and strum the strings in a rhythm. Chords are much harder to learn and memorize than the melodies, so take your time. The hardest part is switching from one chord to the next, so practice a lot! You can watch videos on how to correctly hold the chord or what alternative chord you could use, if the one you’re trying to learn is too hard. But remember, always push yourself and make new challenges and goals for yourself every day!

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Love Me Do

Lazy Song

Stay with Me

Redemption Song

Three Little Birds



Get Lucky

Englishman in New York

All About That Bass

Born to be Wild

Moves like Jagger

Sweet Child O’ Mine

So now, pick a song and practice, practice and practice! Which song are you most excited to learn?

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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