Live The Life Of A Traveller

Everyone’s dream is to travel, but sometimes it seems impossible. Everyone thinks travelling is only for people with tons of money and time on their hands, but they’re wrong. Anyone can live the travel life if they want to. Age or income doesn’t matter. All you need is a map and a place to begin. Where do you start, how do you get the money, who do you go with? That’s why it is important to start planning. If you want to just go with the flow, you still need a main plan, or else who knows where you’ll end up.

Begin your epic journey with these simple 10 steps:

  1. Buy a Travel Journal to write down all of your ideas. This is where you will do nearly ALL of your planning, so buy yourself the perfect journal. source
  2. Make a List in your Travel Journal. List all of your goals. What travel goals do you wish to achieve? What activities would you want to do? What places do you want to go to? What cities would you like to visit before you die? sourcev
  3. Choose your travel buddies to come with you on your adventures. It’s always better when you have your best friends by your side to experience the same excitement as you. Make another list of the people you want with you. Ask them, and see if they are willing to join you.source
  4. Get inspired by travel blogs. From reading these, you will discover that regular people can break free and pursue their travel goals.
  5. Maybe even Start your own travel blog. If you want to inspire others, and write about your journeys, go ahead. source
  6. Start saving money, because you’re going to need it. Sadly, travelling can be very expensive, however, it also depends on how high your spending expectations are. Have a savings account specifically for your travel ideas.
  7. Don’t waste your money on housing. The best part about travelling is to experience the country’s culture and the nature. You just need a place to sleep. Don’t buy yourself a mansion, with a big pool and stay in the house all day, because what experience do you gain from that?
  8. Buy tickets from cheap airlines. Finding the best price for a ticket can save you so much money. Find better use to that money than an expensive plane ride, because finding the best price for a ticket can help with your savings so much.
  9. Earn income on the road. Try out different ways of earning money. Choose the way that you enjoy the most.
  10. Choose your happiness over anything.


Article by Roxana Lazar

2 thoughts on “Live The Life Of A Traveller

  1. This so inspiring. Me and my partner are booking our tickets to Thailand next week for November I am very excited. I am also doing my own blogs about random topics and travel. Thanks for making it sound so simple, i am so inspired and cant wait to travel at the end of this year! Follow me if its no trouble! Thanks 🙂


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