Who You Should Subscribe On YouTube

YouTube has grown a lot throughout the years, and there are millions of channels you are able to follow, it’s almost overwhelming! It can be hard to find the right channels for you to subscribe to, so here are some channels that you might want to watch.

Beauty Based Channels:

1. Zoella:
Zoe Sugg, a beauty vlogger, has over 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her uplifting attitude and charismatic personality is what draws such a big audience to her. Not to mention, she is extremely talented! If you’re looking for advice on makeup, fashion or lifestyle; she is who you should turn to!
2. Gabriella:
Gabriella Lindley who has over 900 thousand subscribers is someone you should really subscribe to. Not only is she funny and speaks what she believes in. She also has many amazing beauty looks and beauty tips for everyone.
3. LaurDIY:
Laura Riihimaki who has over 4 million subscribers is known for doing DIY and testing them out. She really has amazing DIY ideas that are useful in our daily life. If you want useful, productive items then you should definitely subscribe to her.
4. Grave3yardgirl:
Bunny Meyers who has over 7 million subscribers is known for her “does this thing really work” where she buys seen on tv items and uses them and reviews the item. She has amazing commentary on the item that she buys and is really funny.

Gaming Channels:

1. Kubz Scouts:
Robert Jay Perez commonly known as Jay from the Kubz Scouts has over a million subscribers. He has an amazing commentary with the game he plays and never forgets his supporters. He is really funny and has amazing reactions to the game that he plays. If you are looking for a good laugh then you should definitely subscribe to him.
2. PewDiePie:
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg known as PewDiePie has over 52 million subscribers and is the most subscribed person on YouTube. He speaks his mind and makes really entertaining videos. He has played many games on his channel and if you want to binge watch a game series then this channel is for you.
3. GloomGames:
Kassie Isabelle who has over 500 thousand subscribers plays wierd but funny games that are entertaining to watch. Her channel is very original and she makes jokes that crack everyone up.
4. Jacksepticeye:
Seán William McLoughlin has over 14 million subscribers. He has an irish accent which everyone loves hearing and he plays games that he really has interest in it. He posts 2 videos a day which makes is viewers have more to watch.

Comedy Based Channels:

1. ThatcherJoe:
Joe sugg who has over 7 million subscribers. He is really good at making impressions of someone and he has this prank war with Caspar Lee which is really entertaining to watch. He has this new video idea called “the YouTuber confessional” where he calls YouTubers and asks them questions that are sometimes personal. If you really want a channel that can make you laugh then this one is for you.
2. Supewoman:
Lilly Singh who has over 10 million subscribers has a comedic based channel. She dresses up as her parents and makes videos. Her really famous videos are her “parents” reacting to music videos and her “types of” video. She is really relatable and has a great sense of humor.
3. Liza Koshy:
Liza Koshy who has over 7 million subscribers is a comedian. She knows how to make someone laugh and how to make someone’s day more brighter. She also has many puns in her videos that are actually well thought out.
4. Nigahiga:
Ryan Higa who has over 19 million subscribers. He makes amazing videos and you can see right through the video that it took a long time to make it. He even can make political stuff into a funny video. He has created many new challenges and made many creative videos.
These are some of the YouTubers that you should subscribe to. I hope this article has helped you decide who you want to follow.

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