How To Inspire Yourself To Play An Instrument


Playing an instrument has many benefits. It:

  1. Advances your memory
  2. Enhances you coordination
  3. Improves your comprehension skills
  4. Increases your educational abilities
  5. Sharpens your concentrations

So, basically, it increases your intelligence and performance in school/work. As well as this, it can also relieve stress and make you happier.

You want to play an instrument, but you know that it will take a lot of time and effort, so you’re doubting yourself. Here is some motivation:

  1. sourcePeople will be attracted to you. Playing an instrument also makes you look dedicated and smart, and many people would love to be with a person like that.
  2. You don’t have to force yourself to play your instrument all the time. An instrument is not worked—it is played. There is nothing wrong with taking a break whenever you want to.
  3. It is a great hobby. People would go play football or watch TV in their spare time, yet you would be doing something you enjoy, which is also educational.
  4. You can get help from almost anywhere, in the modern world: YouTube, school, shops—they can all help you improve. There is no source.gifmoney needed to learn, you just need motivation.
  5. Set yourself some goals. What do you wish to accomplish?
  6. Reward yourself. Sometimes you are tired after a practice session, so why not reward yourself with a movie, or a book? This way, you are training your brain to repeat the successful behaviour.
  7. Don’t make a practice schedule. If you have a schedule, then you feel like you HAVE TO practice. This will only add more pressure, and it won’t be a relaxing instrument anymore. Find ways to encourage yourself to play when you have nothing else to do.
  8. sourceMake sure you don’t get disturbed. Turn off your phone, or notifications, and put your whole mind into the instrument.
  9. Watch videos, or go to concerts. See other people enjoying the instrument and get inspiration from others.

If you love music, then I highly recommend that you motivate yourself to learn an instrument.


Article by Roxana Lazar

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