How Strange, It’s 2017!

Welcome to 2017 everyone! A week and a half into the new year, are any of us feeling a little different? Perhaps a few days older or a few experiences wiser? Hopefully everyone enjoyed the holidays and celebrated the New Year with cheers and champagne, as expected of worldwide. If not, you should not worry too much, as bad end of the year may as well open a great new year. Quite cheesy, but most likely realistic.

A lot of things happened in 2016, and if you’d like to look over them one last time, click here. However, looking back into the past for too long never does any good. Perhaps it is time to only look forward (another relatively cheesy statement, I am sorry). 2017, truthfully, sounds a bit…well, shocking. It is surprising how fast time passes by.

Still, how strange that it’s 2017. What mainstream activities will emerge this year? What new single will Taylor Swift release? What $2000 object will the Kardashians lose next? What new celebrities will rise to the spotlight? What new films will flood the cinemas?

We all have our guesses, or exact knowledge even on some of the answers to the many questions of what 2017 will present the world with. Yet, we need to be prepared for the certain surprised to come. Quite exciting, I suppose.

Quite exciting.

Article by The Kookoo Talk Crew

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