Best Ways Of Curing a Cold

This time around everyone seems to be getting sick, and it is likely you’ll get sick as well. There are many ways of curing a cold but here are the best and fastest ways to do it.

1. Warm Feet:giphy (17).gif

Staying warm is the number one thing you have to do in order to stay warm. Having warm feet will prevent your toes getting cold which is on of the reasons you get a cold. So take out your fluffy socks and keep your feet warm and toasty.

2. Milk With Honey:giphy (18).gif

Having hot drinks is the way of keeping your throat hot. Just take out milk and microwave it for 30 seconds or until it has steam coming out of it. Then take a tablespoon and take out your honey and pour it to the spoon. Put your honey to the milk and drink it before it gets cold. This keeps your throat from becoming more damaged than it is now.

3. Steamy Showers:giphy (19).gif

Taking hot steamy showers will open up your nose and let you breath more. Don’t make it too steamy because it will damage your skin. Make it just enough to shower. Let it steam the room for 2 minutes or however long it takes for your room to be all steamy. Hop in the shower and enjoy the hot feeling. If you’ve got a bath, that’s even better. Taking a hot, relaxing bath may be just as beneficial, if not, more.

4. Stay Hydrated:giphy (20).gif

This is the most important thing to do when you have a cold. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Staying hydrated will help your body gain strength and will make you more energized. When you are sick you don’t have enough energy for the day but drinking a lot will make your body produce energy for you.

5. Eat Nutritious Foods:giphy (21).gif

Eating foods that have nutritional ingredients are gonna really help with fighting out your cold. These foods will make your body more powerful. Here are some of the best nutritional foods to eat when you have a cold: apples, avocado, bananas, eggs,asparagus, carrots,kale. Try to eat these foods more often.

6. Resting:giphy (22).gif

When you are sick it is okay to rest more often and sleep more than usual. When you are sleeping your body is fighting the sickness. Don’t work yourself up and when you are tired, simply have a rest because you need these rests in order to be more healthy again.

7. Tea:giphy (23).gif

If you don’t like milk you can try tea. In fact drinking tea has a better effect than drinking milk. There are various types of teas so find the perfect one by trying some of them. Find out more facts about tea in our other article about why tea is good for you.

After reading about these ways you can prevent/cure a cold. Which ways of curing a cold are your favorite? Do you use more natural ways or do you use medicine?

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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