How Celebrities Prepare for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; it really is, isn’t it? And while there may not be snow everywhere in the world for these holidays, there is still always spirit. The majority of families celebrating have already put up their Christmas tree, while some have even decorated their houses with lights and vacation design. Warm music plays in the background while the fireplace heats the room, spreading a sense of, essentially, warmth and kindness and belonging. It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year!

In a perhaps parallel world, Celebrities have shared on social media their habits during the past several days, in preparation for Christmas day. To say the least, their lives are not very similar to most of the rest of the population. In fact, their Christmas might very well be a lot more grande than what many of us have experienced, yet that does not affect the immensity of the actual Christmas spirit. The Christmas spirit depends on the ideas of the people celebrating, and now the finance of the party for it. Here are how some celebrities are preparing for Christmas:

Kylie Jennerimg_9266

Vanessa Hudgens15683515_1304655396272249_501448202_n.jpg

Ellen Degeneres15682946_1304655416272247_1878359336_n

Hailey Baldwin & Kendall Jenner15645705_1304655446272244_378557125_n

Lucy Hale15683604_1304655439605578_866165161_n

Britney Spears15644446_1304655459605576_2089772119_n

Chloë Grace Moretz15666425_1304655506272238_119704348_n

Lele Pons15644928_1304655492938906_1421164218_n.jpg

Kourtney Kardashian15673262_1304655502938905_971746676_n.jpg

Katy Perry15644179_1304655549605567_482694911_n

Sasha Pieterse15673536_1304655556272233_1936362135_n

All of the above images were taken from either Instagram or Snapchat accounts of the celebrities mentioned.

Article by Bianca Lazar

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