The Shining Movie Review

We all know the classic horror movie, The Shining. Frankly, I have never watched the film until very recently. Here is my review of the Shining. The movie is based on the Stephen King book, and just by the author, you it will be creepy.

The overall story of the book/movie is great. It isn’t something anyone could come up with and make such a realistic and interesting story out  of. Stephen King succeeded in doing just that.
A family decides to move temporarily into a hotel, which will be closed for a few months and needs some people to take care of it for the time being. Jack Torrance moves his family (his wife, Wendy and son, Danny) in hopes of writing something in peace and silence. Being warned beforehand about the loneliness of the Overlook Hotel at this season, he ignores it and thinks loneliness is just what he needs to write something good. As soon as they get in the hotel, Wendy and Danny feel uneasy, but Jack weirdly immediately warms up to the place. The hotel is empty, and Jack is frustrated because he has no good ideas about what to write, and slowly, he starts going mad.

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I really liked the characters of this story, especially Jack. I loved his character because you sort of understand why he is going mad. He thinks he will have total peace and quiet during these months but turns out to get isolation and loneliness. The isolation was slowly eating him up, without him realizing and the stress and worries were getting to him. Him being in need of relaxation is clearly shown in the scene where he imagines a bartender and drinks. It shows how much he needs that time to himself, while still being surrounded by other people. In a way, I admired his role in trying to be a good husband/father and quitting drinking.

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I also fell in love with how the actor portrays the character. The actor, Jack Nicholson, has those “crazy eyes” and uses them perfectly to express Jack’s emotions to us. He does great in acting and you almost believe that the actor is crazy, because no one could’ve done it that well!

As for Wendy Torrance, I absolutely hate her character. She is just so annoying. I liked how much she cared for her family, and how positive her outlook was on the world, but other than that there’s nothing pleasing about her. Throughout the film, I just found some of her gestures dumb and absolutely unnecessary. Why are you telling Jack you’re taking your son out of that hotel and to a doctor when you clearly know he is not going to approve of it? Just go without telling him, you can see he is crazy!

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Shelley Duvall, the actress, is not totally visually appealing which I liked. Actresses picked for roles nowadays are all gorgeous and have the perfect bodies, eyebrows, nose and hair whereas real mothers wouldn’t care about being perfect while having a toddler. I liked that sort of realism to her character. I also found her looks to be annoying, I don’t know how and why but that was probably because I thought she was annoying.

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I liked Danny, I thought he was cute. Mostly, I felt bad for the child. I pitied how he was the center of this all. He has an imaginary friend, Tony that allows him to sometimes see the past, present and future. It’s called “The Shining,” and because he has this he is an immediate target to the spirits of the hotel. But what confused me is, how can an imaginary friend tell you what’s going to happen? Is it really an imaginary friend? Could it be a ghost? There are a few theories about Tony, which you can research about online.

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That is all I’ve got to say about this film and it’s characters/story. I recommend this movie because it’s a good kind of horror. It’s not the up-in-your-face horror with unnecessary jumpscares and screams, this movie takes it’s time to get creepy and the outcome is great.

Have you ever watched The Shining? How did you like it?

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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