The Best Things About December

It’s currently December, and we’re all cozy in your pajamas, wrapped up in blankets with hot chocolate. Well, this time around is also when we feel inspired, telling ourselves we will be better in the new year and setting goals. To appreciate this month, here are the best things about December.

1. Christmas Moviesgiphy (1).gif

Christmas is coming up and the best thing to get in that festive mood is to watch Christmas related movies. If you don’t have any ideas you can read our article 25 Movies to Watch on Your Countdown to Christmas for some ideas. Bring your friends over and just enjoy your time watching one of the best movies of all time.

2. Hot Chocolategiphy (2).gif

While you are watching your movie, you want something hot to drink so drinking hot chocolate is the best way to feel even more cozy. If you want something to munch on go, you can read our article How To Make A Mug Cake to learn how to make one of the most delicious treats for yourself.

3. Photo Shootsgiphy (3).gif

When it’s December, everyone gets out of the house to take photos. If you have snow in your area go out in a nice outfit and take your camera with you. One of the best pictures come from being creative with your surroundings. Wear clothes that fit the weather. Photo shoots are fun if you go with your best friends cause you can be silly but also take serious pictures for your feed. You can read our article Authenticity With Colour Correction to learn more about color and Photoshop for after the photo shoot!

4. Shoppinggiphy (4).gif

We all love shopping but sometimes can’t afford the item. In December, most stores make discounts and sales that are more affordable. Some of the best designs are made for Christmas which gets people excited. Christmas sweaters are one of the best ways to get to the spirit of December. There are always new, unique clothes that are made this time of the year.

5. Decorating Your Treegiphy (5).gif

One of the best times of this month is decorating your Christmas tree. Buy ornaments and even make origami for your tree. This brings families together and makes unforgettable, sweet memories. Have a theme for your Christmas tree and buy ornaments that fit the theme. This year, most people are going for a gold and silver theme.

6. Advent Calendarsgiphy (6).gif

We always try to stay away from chocolate and sweets, but when it’s December we overeat! Advent calendars are calendars that countdown days until Christmas, with a treat for everyday! There are many different kinds of advent calendars that even some big brands make. For example: Lego advent calendars, beauty advent calendars, and so on.

7. Making Origamigiphy (7).gif

Origami is one of the best stress relieving techniques for yourself. Find an easy origami online or download an app about making origami and follow the steps. You can decorate your tree with the origami or just hang it on your windows, the origami because it makes your house feel much more festive and ready for the month.

Make the best of this time, because you’ll be missing it when it’s hot and sweaty! What is your favorite thing about December?

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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