Chiara Ferragni Influences Big Fashion

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian model, fashion influencer, and trend designer well known for co-founding The Blonde Salad (an online lifestyle platform) and setting up the Chiara Ferragni Collection of clothing. With more than 7.3 million followers on Instagram, she is sustained by luxurious fashion brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Givenchy which all supply her with an enviable wardrobe. However, her charisma emerges not only through her major traveling experience and extravagantly gorgeous wardrobe and style, but also through a strong Italian accent and a sweet, kind personality.

There is something about all fashion designers that we can all agree on: we don’t always like the way they represent fashion itself. This is because fashion has recently transformed into a lot more it used to be; it is now a symbol for creativity and the invention of an abstract atmosphere. Hence, while often we admire fashion designers and influences like Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour, it is difficult to always agree with their choice of representation. That is what many people say. However, I, for one, am in love with fashion and believe that there is a difference between knowing how dress appropriately, and knowing how to dress fashionably.

Chiara Ferragni demonstrates an ability to dress fashionably, and it is not arguable, really. The difference between the two subjects of my thesis is as follows:

  • Being able to dress appropriately means knowing how to fit into a group if that is expected of you and knowing how to create a good image for yourself. For instance, a girl would know that you would not wear jeans to prom. Thus, coming in a dress would show that she knows how to dress.
  • Being able to dress fashionably goes beyond the ability to dress well. One could not ever each the capability to dress fashionably if they have not first shown effectiveness when dressing appropriately. An example of fashionable trends would be the ones exposed at the Paris fashion show by Chanel in the Spring of 2016 at the Grand Palais, where the set up environment was Chanel airport terminal.

Now that you understand how I view the entire idea of vogue, you might consequently understand why I admire Chiara Ferragni. Nevertheless, it is notable that I do admit, in fact, that I cannot always bring myself to agree that I would wear every single outfit she has worn. This is not necessarily because I do not like them, but because they would not look the same on and, furthermore, because they may not even look that outstanding on her either, but it’s simply the fact that I’m so fascinated by her that creates the image of her clothing similarly.

Take a look at some of the outfits she has posted on her Instagram over the past few months. Her job as a model and fashion influencer has enabled her to travel to Italy, France, USA, and Mexico where she attended fashion shows and, therefore, experimented with clothing. You can find more of her outfits and influences on The Blonde Salad.

Chiara Ferragni is currently dating Italian rapper Fedez, and they are happier than ever. What are your favourite fashion influencers?

Article by Bianca Lazar

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