Christmas Gifts You’ve Got to Buy

It’s the giving time of the year, and it may be hard to think of what to get for someone. But what’s worse is when you have no idea what they will like! So here are a few gift ideas for you to buy for that special someone for Christmas!

Desktop Mug Warmer41whovth9tl

It sounds pretty ridiculous, but when your tea cools when you’ve drank only half, tell me this isn’t useful! And anyways, how many people can say they have a desktop mug wamer?

Get it here

Mini USB Table Fan51pdbnyjtal

You plug it into your computer and wuala! Instantly air will be blowing in your face. I see know how this will be very useful this time of the year, but trust me, when Summer comes your friend will be thanking you!

Get it here

Ocean Wave Light Projector41Ai+Ad-JFL.01_SL500_.jpg

This gift would be best for people who enjoy cool technology. There are many types of these products; there are ones where they project the stars and space and there are ones such as this one that project multiple colors in soft waves.

Get it here

Phone Tripod8141gYpXCwL._SL1500_.jpg

For that person who loves photography. This tripod is really cool because you can make it hold on to anything, because the legs are flexible.

Get it here

Credit Card Took Kit71koijxosdl-_sx522_

This product would be incredibly useful for your adventurous friends. It packs many tiny things into another small thing. Not to mention, it’s really cool!

Get it here

Cards Against Humanity61oI26r+LaL._SL1142_.jpg

This is a safe gift because you know they will most probably like it! Games are fun, but not every game is for everyone. If your friend is sensitive to certain subjects, this is probably not the very best game for them.

Get it here

Morphe Pro 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette81weNorDNbL._SX522_.jpg

If the person you’re buying for is obsessed with makeup, this Morphe highliy pigmented eyeshadow palette is perfect.

Get it here

Kylie Jenner Limited Birthday Edition Matte liquid Lipstick Set51dqnOEE0UL.jpg

If you want to get this for a friend, family member or girlfriend, you have to hurry because it is limited edition. Kylie Jenner’s lip products are actually quite nice; the color, pigment, and overall design of it is fitting for the price.

Get it here

Darice 120 Piece Deluxe Art Set51fmc2XiToL._SX300_.jpg

I’m sure we’ve all had something similar to this as a child, and why stop the legacy? Gift this to a kid who is into art.

Get it here

And there you go! Some gift ideas for you to get for Christmas. I hope you found something that you like, or would like to gift. Which of these are you going to gift for Christmas?

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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