How To Make a Mug Cake

The holiday season is here so we all want something special, but we don’t want to take much time doing it. The best and easiest way of making that special thing is preparing a mug cake, here is what you’ll need:


1. 1 egg

2. 5 tablespoons of cream chocolate

3. 2 tablespoons of flour

4. A mug (microwavable)

Step 1:

Take out a bowl and crack an egg into it. Remember that one egg is for 2 mugs. Wisk it until it looks yellow and it’s liquid-y when you pick up the wisk.

Step 2:

Take out your choice of cream chocolate and take out mugs which can be microwaved. Put 5 tablespoons of chocolate spread to each mug. If you don’t want too much chocolate, you can put 3 tablespoons of chocolate spread.

Step 3:

Pour your wisked eggs evenly and take out your flour. Put 2 tablespoons of flour into each mug. Mix them all together until it looks brown and is blended together.

Step 4:

Put your mugs one by one to the microwave. Set it to a minute and watch it rise to the top. If you have anything extra you want to add, you can put it on the top. I would prefer having marshmallow fluff and chocolate sauce.

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Step 5:

Enjoy your mug cake!

This is perfect for unexpected guests and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes! I hope you enjoyed this article and will try to make a mug cake!

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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