How to Use the Cold to Your Advantage

December has finally come, and along with it has come the Christmas atmosphere that we have all so dearly been waiting upon for the whole of 2016. Along with Christmas and the last month of 2016 has also come a cold. Of course, this article might not completely regard you if you live in the Mediterranean or Southeast Asia, for instance, yet whether it affects you know or whether it might affect you in the future in your holiday travels, everyone should get to experience the real cold at least once in their life. Despite the fact that we can all agree how much we can hate it, Christmas would not be Christmas without the cold and snow and below-zero degrees Celsius, am I right?img_9033

However, like I said, whether the cold is onto you in this precise moment or if it will be in the future (or even if it has been in the past), there are many ways you can use this period to your advantage.

Scarves, Hats, Earmuffs, and Gloves


Uzbek Traditional Hat


Wear the thickest scarf you can find in stores and bury you neck and chin in it. Not only will it keep you warm, but if you ever need to hide from someone in public, it will provide you the perfect shield. Although hats can be worn flexibly throughout the year, there are some hats that can only be worn when it is very cold. Have you not seen Kazakh and Uzbek traditional hats? That’s what I’m talking about. Next gloves can be worn flexibly, but now you won’t be needing an excuse. Also, earmuffs are fashionable and are possibly the only thing that will keep your red ears warm.




You might be that type of person surrounded by people who utterly dislike UGGs, but when the cold is upon you and your feet are tucked into the fur of those boots, you’ll be the one laughing at their frozen bodies.


Thick Socks


Whether you’re staying in at home for a lazy day or are going out for a hot meal, thick socks will keep your toes from turning numb from the cold.


Black Clothing and Nailpolish


It is known that winter is the time you wear darker colours and put aside the whites (white is what you wear primarily in the summer because it doesn’t attract the heat, as we DSC_0710all should know). Similarly, bring on the black, purple, and dark blue nailpolishes.


Sledding and Winter Sports


Go skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating, and of course do not forget to take our your sled.




There are some places in the world that look absolutely speechless in the winter. Bring your camera and organise a photo shoot, or make a short film. Not every country in the world experiences the same cold season.




You can finally turn on your fireplace and linger around it with a dozen of blankets, a bowl of popcorn, and a TV displaying the entire of Home Alone. There is nothing more cozy and well, truthfully, in the area of Christmas than this.


Layers of Clothing


If people accuse you of gaining some weight reasonably quickly, tell them about the numerous layers you have under your top clothes. That will settle things. Now all you need to do is make sure it is actually the truth.


Tea and Hot Chocolate


Though it is true that not everyone avoids tea during high temperatures, hot chocolate is definitely only for the cold. Don’t forget to add some whipped cream at the top.img_9032


Reading and Getting Work Done


The cold most probably will put you off going out from time to time, which means that it is perfect time to get your work done. If you are feeling way too lazy for that, even just staying in bed and reading a book will do.




From now on, you do not need to go to school/work looking down and being asked what is wrong. No longer will you need to tell them that you are just tired or hungry or in bad waters. From now on, you will be left alone, because everyone will be blaming the cold. The best part is that you probably won’t even need to admit to it anymore—it’s that obvious.




Article by Bianca Lazar



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