25 Movies to Watch on Your Countdown to Christmas


It’s December! And what holiday is in December? Christmas! Our year long awaited holiday nearing and there’s no better way to celebrate a little everyday by watching a holiday movie! Here are 25 movies to watch on your countdown to Christmas!

Kiss Kiss Bang Banggiphy (76).gif

Harry Lockhart finds himself landing a role in a mystery movie while actually being on the run from the cops. Flying to LA when everything get’s messy.

A Christmas CarolA_Christmas_Carol.jpg

Based on the novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol has many versions of itself. You can choose to watch the recent one made in 2009 or the one made in 1938! In any way, the self exploration of Scrooge is incredible to watch. This movie/book really takes you on an emotional roller-coaster.

About a Boygiphy (77).gif

A little boy makes a living off of the song his father wrote. He sees the real joy of Christmas with his friends who soon become family.

The Nightmare Before Christmasgiphy (78).gif

Before you judge, this movie is both a Christmas movie and a Halloween movie. Tim Burton and Henry Selick do an incredible job of spotting the middle point of both holidays and producing it into a fun, creepy and jolly movie! Jack, the pumpkin king of Halloween town, finds a door with an odd looking colorful tree on it.

A Christmas Storygiphy (79).gif

Being a kid sucks, yes. And this movie captures that in a humorous and fun light. You follow the story of a young dreamer, Ralphie Parker and his incredible struggle to make it to Christmas day!

Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmasgiphy (80).gif

A classic, yes and for good reason! This movie tells a story of an unloved child who grew up bitter and hateful. The Grinch is a character we can’t help but love. It reminds us of what Christmas is really about, not the presents but the thoughts behind the presents!

Elfgiphy (81).gif

The comedic movie about a human baby who grew up with elves, decides to go on the search of his real father, who lives in New York. He immediately doesn’t fit in and it’s hilarious in every way. A very funny, emotional and meaningful movie about the magic of Christmas!

Mixed NutsMV5BMTQ5NzY1MDA4OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTYwNDcxMQ@@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

This movie has a very different view of Santa. Instead of the jolly, fat and generous man that the legend of St. Nick suggests the view of this Santa is evil. When two young boys in northern Finland think they found the tomb of the Santa Claus, children start disappearing and reindeer are found slaughtered!

Home Alonegiphy (82).gif

The Home Alone series are in every way amazing. When little Kevin is left alone while his crazy and crowded family go to Paris, he has all of the house to himself, and lot’s of time to spare. While two burglars are planning to break into the house, Kevin knows their plan and has a plan of his own. This smart, funny and overall adorable kid will melt your heart while watching the movie!

Love Actuallygiphy (83).gif

Follow the stories of nine individuals with one thing that will eventually be shared with them all, love! You see love in every form, and not only romantic and it’s quite beautiful. Watch them struggle, fight and cry and reach happiness.

The Polar Expressgiphy (84).gif

When a little boy who’s in doubt of the magic of Christmas, goes on an unexpected ride to the North pole, he finds a version of himself he had never seen before, makes new friends and sees the wonders of life in a new light. Amazing movie with an amazing meaning.

Gremlinsgiphy (85).gif

An incredibly adorable Christmas gift turns into a nightmare. This movie is a classic.

Miracle on 34th Streetgiphy (86).gif

When Kris Kringle takes the spot of an intoxicated Santa, he is very quickly liked by everyone and becomes quite popular. He is soon surprising people and claiming that he is the real Santa. A court case is soon opened about how he is a fraud. His mental health is even taken into question. A lawyer and a little girl try to prove he is real.

Jingle All the Waygiphy (87).gif

Workaholic father wants to make things up to his family by buying the best gift of the year. As he hunts down the toy, he meets another father with the same goal. He soon starts to realize the real meaning of Christmas.

In Brugesgiphy (88).gif

Bruges isn’t where hitman Ray thought he would spend his holiday, yet he finds himself there with his counterpart, Ken. Ray finds the city boring while Ken finds it fascinating in every way.

Jack Frost (1998)giphy (89).gif

A father who can’t seem to keep his words dies in a car accident, after a year he is given another chance to fix things with his son as he comes back as a snowman by the name of Jack Frost.

The Family Manb29fe117b1ddfd790d7dd45f52c702c4.jpg

Jack’s life is drastically changed the day after he disarms a gunman in a grocery store. He finds himself in a new life with his college sweetheart, a life he didn’t have before. He finds himself having to choose between he lavish, fast-paced life where he has his dream career, or the woman he loves.

The Family Stonegiphy (90).gif

Everett Stone wants to bring his girlfriend to meet his parents for Christmas, the girlfriend, Meredith, brings her sister along for a moral uplift. She tries her hardest to be liked by Everett’s family but it doesn’t turn out quite well.

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrencegiphy (91).gif

This movie isn’t as jolly and fun as some of the other movies in this list, this move is darker but still incredible. A man who’s captured by Japanese forces and imprisoned, but he isn’t afraid.

While You Were Sleepinggiphy (92).gif

A woman saves her dream man from an oncoming train.His family is thankful for her and think she is his fiance, and she says nothing to correct them. As they take her into their home with welcome, she finds herself falling for his brother.

The Long Kiss Goodnightgiphy (93).gif

Single, schoolteacher mother finds herself having weird memories. She realizes she has very well trained physical skills. She hires a private detective to help her explore her past and finds out she used to was a government assassin who had gone missing.

Edward Scissorhandsgiphy.gif

An incredibly emotional and enjoyable movie with a great meaning. Is this a Christmas movie? It’s debatable, yet it’s undeniable that this movie is beyond great.

Bad Santagiphy (100).gif

A holiday conman dresses up as Santa and sells himself cheap to shopping malls where with the help of his friends, robs the malls. This dark comedy makes you feel all the emotions.

The Holidaygiphy (98).gif

When two women swap homes for Christmas, one in America and the other in Britain, they find love in the other’s’ local home. Yet, the undeniable truth that they have to return home may end their fresh relationships.

It’s a Wonderful Lifegiphy (99).gif

 Although this film is old, it is most definitely a classic and no wonder why! George Bailey wishes he had never been born, his wish is granted by an angel. And he then gets to see how many lives he had impacted and how different those people’s lives would be if he hadn’t been there.

Cuddle up with your friends and family and have a movie marathon! Are there any Christmas movies you love that weren’t on this list?
Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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