8 Things to do to Relieve Stress

We sometimes find ourselves complaining about the little things in life, but if you think about it, you should be happy the way you are living and the way you are. But, in case you’re in a down mood, here are 8 things you can do to relieve your stress!

1. Cozy Movie Time:giphy (68).gif

Having a night in with your friends is the best way of feeling better. Lots of laughter, is guaranteed! It can boost your mood and encourage you to feel better about your problem, because after all, even if we had nothing, we’ve got our friends who support us through anything.

2. Cooking/Baking:giphy (69).gif

Cooking is a way you can gain a little entertainment, cooking is fun, but what’s more fun is what comes after! Pick a food you’ve been wanting to make for forever and find it’s recipe, and enjoy your time!

3. Exercising:giphy (70).gif

After you wake up, just take ten minutes to do a simple warm-up-for-the-day workout. It doesn’t have to be intense and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself, the sole purpose of this is to relax. You could also do yoga! A great way to rest your mind and body.

4. A Walk in the Park:giphy (71).gif

It really doesn’t matter where you decide to walk, it could be in the park, the mall, down the street or even going hiking! Walking in fresh air clears your mind and just let’s you take a break from your problem. It might open a window to new ideas and new projects you haven’t thought of before! Better yet, you have a chance of meeting new people while walking, and who knows, maybe you will be really close!

5. Have a Night Out:giphy (72).gif

Constantly staying in and not socializing is not one of the healthiest things, so go out with your friends or alone. Stepping out of your comfort zone is really beneficial to your mental health, as it takes bravery and shows a will for risk. Go to a place where you know you won’t feel entirely uncomfortable by, stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you need to feel bad and uncomfortable at the place, so as soon as you start feeling bad, go somewhere else.

6. Reading:giphy-73

Books open your mind, they let you soak in creativity. Reading also takes you away from reality, which might be exactly what you need right now. You never lose anything from reading, in fact it’s quite the opposite you gain a lot with expanding your vocabulary and imagination!

7. Relaxing Bath:giphy-74

Having some time for yourself is really important and necessary. What’s a better way than having a nice relaxing bath? Put on your favorite music and if you have some bath bombs, pop one in and watch the colorful colors go in all different directions. Light some candles and turn off the light so it feels more peaceful. This is the perfect time for reading, so pick up your favorite book and read away.

8. Art:giphy (75).gif

One of the best ways is to express yourself through art. Art isn’t just drawings, art is something that makes you feel beautiful and inspired. Everything, actually, goes around the subject of art. Makeup, drawings, painting, sculpting and decorating are some examples of art. In your free time, do something that makes you happy and you will forget about the problem, I’m sure of it!

Have some time for yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself too. Hopefully this article helped you and made you more motivated.

Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself and always separate some time for yourself. I hope this article helped you! What are some ways you relieve stress?

Article by Marjona Ilkhomova

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