Pet Sematary Movie Review

The Pet Sematary tells us a story of the Creed family who’ve recently moved to Maine. In their very first day they meet their neighbors, who are a friendly old couple. Everything seems to be perfect in their new place, except for the unpleasing trail to an old cemetery right behind the Creeds’ new home. They take a look at it and instantly feel discomfort, yet Louis Creed doesn’t think of it too seriously. Ellie, their daughter, starts to ask questions about death and afterlife, which leaves the mother worried. On Thanksgiving, the mother, Rachel Creed, takes their daughter and toddler son to visit her parents, Louis is left with their pet cat, Church who dies on the road from a truck. Not knowing what to do, he goes to Jud, their neighbor, who advises him to bury the cat behind the cemetery. And the following day, Louis finds the cat in the garage, but something is a bit off about him.Pet-Sematary-cat.jpg

Disclaimer: Contains spoilers.

I had read this book a few years ago, maybe two or three, and I still talk about it to my friends and family and advise them to read it. The story is great and very well thought out, as all Stephen King books are. It has a very realistic spook and it is in so much detail, you can practically see it right in front of you when you close your eyes. I thought the characters were very realistic as well, flawed and yet still polished. After realizing from my dad that they had made a movie from this book, I immediately set to watching it.

Although the movie is quite old, produced in 1989, I thought it was great for it’s time. The characters seemed to be spot on of how I had imagined them in the book (of course not exactly but very, very close) and I have to say, the acting and everything is great. The sound effects are also quite well seeing as the producers didn’t have the technology we have today. I loved the actress who played Ellie, she was so spot on and good at acting, and at that age!

The only upsetting thing of the movie was the removal of Norma Crandall. In the movie, as soon as they move in, they meet Jud after near death experience of their son running into the road. Norma, I feel like, was a big part of the book. Sure, she wasn’t in most of it but she was important to Jud and Jud is one of the main characters. Louis Creed is a doctor and on his first day a patient is brought in with severe damage, and dies right in front of Louis, after dramatically waking and speaking of what seemed like nonsense. Later that night, Louis sees this guy, Victor Pascow in his dream. Pascow leads Louis into the cemetery and briefly tells him to not go past it no matter what. Scared to death, Louis wakes up on his own bed and he seems relieved, yet when he opens the covers, his feet are covered in dirt. You wonder, was that a dream? It really doesn’t seem to be, but then how is Pascow there?

It is Thanksgiving and Rachel Creed takes their children to visit her parents, Louis doesn’t go because his relationship with Rachel’s father isn’t very pleasant. He stay at home with his daughter Ellie’s cat, Church. After they had left, he gets a call from Jud. Jud says the cat is dead on his lawn and Louis rushes to see. The cat was a very big part of Ellie’s life, and the movie does a good job of showing that without telling it directly. Her constant worry on Church and his well being really shows us how much she cares for him. So Church dying on Louis’ watch was the worst that could happen that day. When Louis suggests they bury the cat in the Pet Sematary, Jud tells Louis to follow him. Louis does so, and soon realizes Jud is taking him behind the cemetery, where Pascow has said to not go. Louis goes anyways and buries the cat in a very suspicious place. The cat comes back but he is very different. I thought the cat was very well represented in the movie, a little bit exaggerated in the acts but nonetheless, well. Fast forward to a picnic party the Creeds and Crandall are having, they seem to be having fun. Gage runs into the road and get’s hit by a truck. I really did get surprised at parents, not watching over their son but I mean, they had to think of something to kill Gage, I guess this was it. I loved the sadness and mourning of the family, it was very real and heartbreaking. To think that such a young child was killed like that, it truly upsetting. I thought the scene between Rachel’s father and Louis was very powerful. It had lots of emotion all mixed into one scene and it portrayed really well to the viewers.

You can tell by now how slowly, but surely, Louis was going crazy. And you watch the transformation, it’s really filling for the movie. The actor did a great job at expressing Louis Creed. The temptations and motives were perfectly shown in the movie. You can just smell his desperation for Gage to come back, especially since he knows a way to bring him back. When he went to the cemetery and dug up his son, how he hugged him close and held Gage’s blue hands, it broke my heart but also really frustrated me, why doesn’t he leave his son in peace?

Something from the movie that I also wasn’t very fond of was after the son get’s brought back to life. It is very unrealistic, the way he acts, and of course, that is the purpose of it but maybe making it more realistic and creepy would’ve made me enjoy it more. It is very obvious they used a doll when the boy is fighting with Louis, and I would’ve liked it to be more real and believable, but of course, I have to keep in mind that this movie was made in 1989.

I adored the ending, how Louis takes his wife to the grave. I loved how his death was caused by his obsession. Overall, the movie is great for it’s time and circumstances. The story, of course, is amazing and it gives you goosebumps. My rating out of ten, for this movie, would be an eight. Eight, because of the removal of Norma and some details.

Tell me what you think of this movie/book!10616petsematary-title-large.jpg

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova

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