5 of the Best Video-Games of 2016

Technology is very developed today and with that comes lots of games with good graphic, sound and story-line. Here are a few games that are definitely worth playing.

Uncharted 4Uncharted-4-Making-Of-Ep-1.jpg

This adventure packed game is full on interesting quests and puzzles. The story-line is great and very interesting. If you’ve played Uncharted 1, 2 or 3, then you know that this game is simply incredible. In this particular game, it shows a few flashbacks of Nathan’s past.


Ovewatch is a multiplayer, first person shooter game. It tells a story of a group of protectors. There was a big global crisis, and these protectors helped save it. After decades of peace, crisis starts to rise again and they need any person (that is good enough, of course) as they can get.

Ratchet and Clankrcps4_main.jpg

This animated, fantasy adventure game is funny, fun and enjoyable. For some, it may seem as a “children’s game” but I know adults who’ve said they really enjoyed the game. The main characters are Ratchet and Clank (quite obviously). Ratchet is a Lombax while Clank is a robot that are trying to invade the planets. This game is definitely worth getting.

The Divisionthe-division.jpg

The Division is about a group of people who are trying to explore, understand and rebuild Manhattan. What caused this outbreak? What will happen after? This game awakens questions such as these throughout the gameplay.

Battlefield 1battlefield_1_rain_fog_1

This game is a very recent one, it was released on the 21st of October. It is the fifteenth Battlefield that came out, yet it’s name has a one in it. Battlefield 1 takes place in WW1 making it the first game to take place at that/place. If you’ve ever played any of the Battlefields, you will know this game is worth your time and money.

So now that you know which games you should buy, get out there and buy them!

Article by Nigina Ilkhomova



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